Small Beginnings

I’ll start you off with some basic information:  I was born, raised, and live in northwestern Alabama. Born to an ex-Catholic ex-TMer ex-Baptist ex-Pentecostal current Baptist mother and ex-none current Bapticostal father. I was raised in fundamentalism and am now an accepter ( I hate calling it “believer”) of evolution, orthodoxy, ritual, etc. I’ve been washed off dispensationalism and haven’t believed in the Rapture for a long time.
I believe in the Trinity. The Resurrection. The Second Coming. The Reconciliation of All Things.
And now, a little honesty: I wanted to start to write about this little corner I live in. Where Conservatism and Republicans are God’s emissaries. Where welfare for our neighbor is snarled at if “the government does it.” Where cursing puts you out of a church but the n-word is just plain ol’ conversation. Where accepting scientific consensus is heresy. Where God is a magician.  My heart breaks for this and more.
And I wonder, if more people knew what I believed…if I was braver…would my ordination be stripped from me? Would I be allowed to speak of the Scriptures and my God from behind a pulpit? Would me not hating Democrats or admiring aspects of socialism make me a pariah?
Honestly, I am afraid.
But I cannot confine my sentiments anymore, so this blog (hopefully) will be a vent for me. Besides, wouldn’t you like an inside look at southern fundies from a former insider? I hope you do.


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