The Fire of Elijah, The Fire of Jesus

When Elijah called for fire from heaven, it devoured wicked men.
Jesus came. John the Baptist said He would bring fire and a winnowing fork. Jesus foretold a flame. “I wish it was already kindled,” He said.
What kind of flame?
When some Samaritans spurned the word of Jesus and His students, John and James asked if they could call down fire on the Samaritans, like Elijah did long ago. This is who God is, right?
Jesus said, “You do not know what kind of spirit is speaking to you.”
It wasn’t God talking to John and James, telling them to burn men and women for scorning the Word of God made flesh. Jesus would bring fire, but not the fire of Elijah. After He ascended, the Fire fell, the Spirit spoke. The Fire filled vessels of clay and filled them with the Light. It transformed, taught, healed, exorcised.
It was the Devil who said, “I came to kill, to steal, and to destroy.”
Jesus did not say that. He will NEVER say that.


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