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Ryan Cagle

For the season of Lent I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone.

40 days without the distraction of all the craziness that is social media.

It was a fantastic decision, and one that taught me a lot. Strangely even though I knew those apps were not on my phone anymore I still would habitually scroll to where the apps were as if I was going to open them up. Endless scrolling through social media was so engraved in my brain that for forty days I would unconsciously try and pull up the deleted apps. Honestly, that is a little scary to me because it revealed how much of myself is dedicated to wasting time on my little distraction device. I realized that my phone has, in so many ways, captured me. I think my wife may even argue that it consumes me. It is unsettling. After Lent I reinstalled…

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Crime and Punishment in Sodom and Gomorrah

Is That in the Bible?

In many religious circles, Sodom and Gomorrah have become watchwords for the moral panic many people feel in connection with the perceived corruption and depravity of society. The metaphor is invoked particularly by those who oppose the increasing acceptance of homosexuality, and it is not hard to see why. The story of Sodom in Genesis 19 is a vivid tale of fire-and-brimstone destruction, and same-sex attraction is frequently thought to be the main crime for which its denizens are punished. Understandably, then, this biblical passage has become a target for Christians on both side of the debate who need the Bible to express either condemnation or silence on the matter. If the biblical story of Sodom is an infallible morality tale, then interpreting it correctly is of utmost importance.

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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Ignoramuses

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “Brave,” is perfect; there’s nothing I can add but to link you to an excellent Atlantic article on the Charlie Hebdo affair by Jeffrey Goldberg, “The dangerous myths about Charlie Hebdo” (h/t: reader Cindy). It should be mandatory reading for those thick-skulled PEN members who understand neither the magazine’s aims nor the principle of free speech.


I can’t resist giving an excerpt from Goldberg’s piece, one of the best articles written about the whole affair:

Another myth: Charlie Hebdo is interested in advancing a “narrative” of “white privilege,” and therefore specializes in ridiculing powerless people.

The novelist Francine Prose, one of the writers protesting the PEN award to Charlie Hebdo, wrote recently that, “The narrative of the Charlie Hebdo murders—white Europeans killed in their offices by Muslim extremists—is one that feeds neatly into the cultural prejudices that have allowed our government to make so…

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