Posted Ironically Thru Twitter

Ryan Cagle

For the season of Lent I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone.

40 days without the distraction of all the craziness that is social media.

It was a fantastic decision, and one that taught me a lot. Strangely even though I knew those apps were not on my phone anymore I still would habitually scroll to where the apps were as if I was going to open them up. Endless scrolling through social media was so engraved in my brain that for forty days I would unconsciously try and pull up the deleted apps. Honestly, that is a little scary to me because it revealed how much of myself is dedicated to wasting time on my little distraction device. I realized that my phone has, in so many ways, captured me. I think my wife may even argue that it consumes me. It is unsettling. After Lent I reinstalled…

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